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LearningExpress 1: Job Search and Success Skills

You might know¬†LearningExpress as a test preparation database where you can study for the SAT, ACT, and more. But Learning Express is not just test prep – it wants to help you get a job too. Check out the new Job Search and Success Skills area of Learning Express. A dozen guided exercises aim to […]

Stop, Browser Time – Part 4: Printing a web page

Why doesn’t my web page print properly? What do you do when pages from Internet do not print out correctly? Web pages are designed to be read on screen, so they’re designed to play well with different browsers. Many sites offer “printer-friendly” versions, but some don’t. Here are few tricks you can employ when you […]

TumbleBooks & other fun stuff for kids

Do you ever wish there was some kind of magical book where the pictures moved around? A book that told you a story and let you follow along? I don’t know, maybe a talking picture book? Such books exist! And you can find them in the TumbleBook Library! TumbleBooks is the library’s newest online database. […]

Back to School with Library Podcasts

If podcasts are new to you, we’ll try to give you a lesson that will open up a new listening world. If you’ve finished the RSS Training, you might remember William and his podcast discovery. But we’ve got new info for you, too! Now, back to business! Ah, podcasts. Don’t you just love getting on […]


The Books, Movies, Music has dozens and dozens of reading recommendation lists for commonly requested genres, like romance and mystery, and some surprises, like unreliable narrators and epistolary fiction. These bibliographies are from librarians all over our system, so you’re getting the wisdom and experience of dozens of your colleagues! You can’t beat that. What’s […]

Stop, Browser Time – Part 3: Internet Options

When you do a lot of work on shared computers there is a chance that others will change the settings on the Internet browser. It’s like driving a car after someone smaller/bigger than you has driven it – you might need to put things back the way you like them. Browser settings aren’t any different. […]

Stop, Browser Time – Part 2: A Browser with a View

Have you ever been to a website and thought, “This looks weird. Part of the page is cut off on the right.” Do you ever have trouble reading a webpage because the text is so small? A lot of what you see online is “what you see is what you get” but there are some […]

Stop, Browser time – Part 1: Browser Basics

Sorry about the M.C. Hammer reference – it was too hard to resist. Sure, we use browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox all the time at work, to look at the Intranet, search the databases, or glance at the headlines on the Tennessean website. But do you know what to do when you can’t see […]

Library Website: Interlibrary Loan

Can’t find an item at any of our branches? Interlibrary Loan finds items at other library systems and borrows them for all Nashville Public Library members. Okay, be honest, who is aware of the library’s online Interlibrary Loan request form? Anyone? If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? “I’ve requested […]

Literature paper sources

No need to drag out those heavy Gale books or send some poor student across town to see a source. We’ve got what students need online! If you haven’t checked out the library’s database page in a while, you’ve been missing two incredible resources: Literature Resource Center and Literature Criticism Online. Literature Resource Center is […]