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The library is using to manage maintenance requests. Managers and PICs will be using this system to report problems and request service. Please view the tutorial to learn how to add a new maintenance request. You can also view the tutorial in full-screen. Your mission, should you choose to accept it:1. View the slideshow […]

Microsoft Office 2007

Software will be updated on computers this year. Microsoft Office 2007 updates older Office versions with new features and navigation. If you are having trouble locating familiar functions in these programs, view one of these demonstrations. For more online demonstrations, visit More Microsoft Office 2007. Up to Speed with Word 2007 Up to Speed with Outlook […]

Library Technology Overview

You might notice that the library has many computers. These are available to the public for finding books, searching the Internet, checking out DVDs, printing, and so on. Join Marian for a tour of all the technology used at the library, from WiFi to our own digital collections. You’ll see what makes the catalog tick. […]

Virtual Library Tour

“Somewhere Over the River” is a guided tour designed to familiarize you with all the libraries in the Nashville Public Library system. You’ll read about how they came to be and how to visit them. Sit back and enjoy your virtual tour! Tips: Because this presentation lives on the Intranet, you will be prompted to […]

Rules of Conduct

Our libraries are a special, fun place for library members, visitors, and staff. We want to be sure that everyone is made welcome and comfortable during their visit. The Rules of Patron Conduct outlines the standards we all respect at the library, and the behavior that violates these standards. Chase shows us how we can […]

Wireless Internet & Printing – Part 3

The computer should locate an available wireless network  when you power it on. But sometimes, things don’t work as they should.  If you’re trying to use the library’s wireless connection and you receive a “page cannot be displayed error,” you’ll need to do a little troubleshooting. Wireless Troubleshooting at the Library If the wireless connection […]

Wireless Internet & Printing – Part 2

Now that we know how wireless works, we need to take a look at the areas of the laptop that help us manage our wireless connection. We’ll look at the system tray and the control panel. It is important to understand these two elements of your computer’s operating system in order to know how to […]

Metro Training Classes

Mandatory Metro Training: Mandatory Metro training classes count towards your Core Competencies total. Sexual Harassment Prevention Substance Abuse All employees (Non-supervisors and Supervisors) must complete these classes.  Supervisory employees are required to complete retraining every three years while non-supervisory employees are required to complete retraining every four years. Defensive Driving (DDC-6) – initial class Defensive […]

Wireless Internet & Printing – Part 4

Laptops connected to NPL Wireless can print to the library’s print stations. Most of the time, it works without any problems, but nothing’s ever fool proof. Here are the most common troubleshooting questions to ask when you encounter wireless printing problems. Are you online? You can work in the library, create files, listen to music, […]

Email – Part 2: The Unwieldy Inbox

Are you drowning in email? Do you have more than 20 items in your inbox? Do you look at an email and think “I might need that later” then leave it in your inbox? Or do you leave items you want to save in your deleted items folder? Are there more than 100 items in […]