Wireless Internet & Printing – Part 3

The computer should locate an available wireless network  when you power it on. But sometimes, things don’t work as they should.  If you’re trying to use the library’s wireless connection and you receive a “page cannot be displayed error,” you’ll need to do a little troubleshooting.

Wireless Troubleshooting at the Library

If the wireless connection is not recognized immediately, there are two places to examine in the laptop. The system tray and the control panel.

If there’s an icon in the system tray, I always start there. Just double click on the icon to open up the wireless connection window.

  • If there is a “no signal” error, follow the instructions in the No Signal video.
  • If wireless is not connected, follow the instructions in the Not Connected video.
  • If wireless is not enabled, follow the instructions in the Disabled Wireless video.

If there is not an icon in the system tray, you’ll need to go to the control panel and look at the Network Connections settings. Follow the instructions in the Control Panel video to view the status of the wireless connection.

Some newer laptops have an on/off switch. Check to see that a wireless switch isn’t turned off. It is usually found on the side of the laptop.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

1. Check out your area laptop and perform the following actions:

  • a. connect to wireless
  • b. navigate to the control panel and disable wireless.
  • c. in the control panel, re-enable wireless.

2. You’re not finished yet! This is a four-part training. You must complete all four parts.

Go to Wireless Internet Part 4


  1. EB says:

    The videos for wireless_notconnected and wireless_disabled both still have the old login screen shots, which ask for the library card number and PIN. Maybe update these to show the new Accept page?

  2. npljenny says:

    We’ll review the wireless directions and make updates. Thanks!

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