Back to School with Library Podcasts

If podcasts are new to you, we’ll try to give you a lesson that will open up a new listening world. If you’ve finished the RSS Training, you might remember William and his podcast discovery. But we’ve got new info for you, too!

Now, back to business!

Ah, podcasts. Don’t you just love getting on the bus and losing yourself in the latest NPR podcast? Or commuting with your favorite music podcast? Or setting off on your bike – wait, are you crazy? You really shouldn’t be listening to podcast while riding your bike!

What? You’ve never listened to a podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to keep up with your favorite programs. Instead of tuning a radio at a set time every day or week, new episodes are automatically delivered to your computer. Listen on your own time.

NPR delivers most of their stories as podcasts. Hear the most recent Storycorps segment every week. Television programs like Good Morning America (ABC), Frontline (PBS), or The Colbert Report (Comedy) are podcasting too, both video and audio.

Find podcasts at NPR Podcast Directory, iTunes Store, and Podcast 411. To subscibe, select the appropriate link from their web page and select your feed reader/podcatcher. This will work a little differently depending on your Internet browser. Alternatively, you can cut and paste the podcast web address into your feed reader, as you would an RSS feed.

There are 4 ways to listen to podcasts:

Browser: Visit the podcast’s web site and play the files from there, just as you would any other sound file.

RSS Reader: Subscribe using an online RSS reader like Google Reader or My Yahoo!. Podcasts will arrive along with your blogs.

Podcatcher: Use a podcatcher, like iTunes or Juice, to organize and play podcasts for you. You will need to be able to download these.

mp3 player: Take podcasts on the go with your portable mp3 player. Listen to your favorite programs while you are out walking, waiting for the bus, or anywhere.

Nashville Public Library is podcasting!

Take a look at what’s new on the library’s RSS page.

logospaceArt Matters (info)

With Art Matters, you’ll get a peek behind the scenes as gallery coordinator, Liz Coleman, talks about the artwork with visiting artists and other interesting individuals.

Family Folktales (info)

Family Folktales is a storytime on demand read by Childrens’ librarian Susan Poulter. Hear classic stories just as they were written, before they made it to the big screen and had to be polished up with a happy ending.

If you’re interested in getting involved with podcasts, search the Intranet for “podcast” and find out how you can submit your idea!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Go to the library’s RSS page.

2. Subscribe to one of the new library podcasts.

3. To receive credit for this training, you must report your progress using the link below:

Submit your progress report

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