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Online Resumes

Building a Resume with word processing software is challenging for new computer users. After locating the templates, the task still requires familiarity with the table, format, and layout functions. Those crafting a resume at a public computer also contend with saving to disk or email storage, then exporting the files in various formats online. Streamline […]

LearningExpress 2: Resume and Interviewing Skills

We have looked at Job Search section of Learning Express. Once you find a job you’d like to apply for you’ll need to have a resume and some interviewing skills. Let’s look at the Resume and Interviewing Success Skills area of Learning Express. There are three modules in Resume and Interviewing Success Skills Module 1: Creating a […]

LearningExpress 1: Job Search and Success Skills

You might know LearningExpress as a test preparation database where you can study for the SAT, ACT, and more. But Learning Express is not just test prep – it wants to help you get a job too. Check out the new Job Search and Success Skills area of Learning Express. A dozen guided exercises aim to […]