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Library Technology Overview

You might notice that the library has many computers. These are available to the public for finding books, searching the Internet, checking out DVDs, printing, and so on. Join Marian for a tour of all the technology used at the library, from WiFi to our own digital collections. You’ll see what makes the catalog tick. […]

Virtual Library Tour

“Somewhere Over the River” is a guided tour designed to familiarize you with all the libraries in the Nashville Public Library system. You’ll read about how they came to be and how to visit them. Sit back and enjoy your virtual tour! Tips: Because this presentation lives on the Intranet, you will be prompted to […]

Rules of Conduct

Our libraries are a special, fun place for library members, visitors, and staff. We want to be sure that everyone is made welcome and comfortable during their visit. The Rules of Patron Conduct outlines the standards we all respect at the library, and the behavior that violates these standards. Chase shows us how we can […]