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Save a File – Part 2: Downloading Files

It is one thing to use a flash drive to save a file that you create. But what about saving files that other people make? Maybe they’re photos on the Internet or a document someone emails to you. Can you download files (or anything) to the library computers? The answer is yes and no – […]

Save a File – Part 3: Google Docs

We know Google can search the Web, but Google also has other useful features, like maps, an online calendar, and an office suite called Google Docs. We could make you read all about it, but why not watch this video instead? We’ll wait… Google Docs in Plain English (3 min) So, where is Google Docs? […]

Save a File – Part 1: Flash Drives

Equipment: USB Flash Drive (Each branch should have a flash drive for practice). Do the library computers have CD drives? Can I use a floppy disk at the library? What about a flash drive? With all the options for storing data, it is hard to keep up. But saving a file is must-know information. And […]