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Microsoft Office 2007

Software will be updated on computers this year. Microsoft Office 2007 updates older Office versions with new features and navigation. If you are having trouble locating familiar functions in these programs, view one of these demonstrations. For more online demonstrations, visit More Microsoft Office 2007. Up to Speed with Word 2007 Up to Speed with Outlook […]

More Microsoft Office 2007

After you have oriented yourself to Microsoft Office 2007, explore more new features in these tutorials: Word Create your First Document Edit Text and Revise your Documents Make Documents Look Great Format your Document with Styles Outlook Get Out of your Inbox Manage your Mailbox III: Move or Copy Messages to Personal Folders Search Folders: […]

Stop, Browser Time – Part 4: Printing a web page

Why doesn’t my web page print properly? What do you do when pages from Internet do not print out correctly? Web pages are designed to be read on screen, so they’re designed to play well with different browsers. Many sites offer “printer-friendly” versions, but some don’t. Here are few tricks you can employ when you […]

Save a File – Part 1: Flash Drives

Equipment: USB Flash Drive (Each branch should have a flash drive for practice). Do the library computers have CD drives? Can I use a floppy disk at the library? What about a flash drive? With all the options for storing data, it is hard to keep up. But saving a file is must-know information. And […]