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Wireless Internet & Printing – Part 3

The computer should locate an available wireless network  when you power it on. But sometimes, things don’t work as they should.  If you’re trying to use the library’s wireless connection and you receive a “page cannot be displayed error,” you’ll need to do a little troubleshooting. Wireless Troubleshooting at the Library If the wireless connection […]

Wireless Internet & Printing – Part 2

Now that we know how wireless works, we need to take a look at the areas of the laptop that help us manage our wireless connection. We’ll look at the system tray and the control panel. It is important to understand these two elements of your computer’s operating system in order to know how to […]

Wireless Internet & Printing – Part 4

Laptops connected to NPL Wireless can print to the library’s print stations. Most of the time, it works without any problems, but nothing’s ever fool proof. Here are the most common troubleshooting questions to ask when you encounter wireless printing problems. Are you online? You can work in the library, create files, listen to music, […]

Wireless Internet & Printing – Part 1

Nashville Public Library offers wireless internet access (WiFi) free at all locations. Pretty cool, if you have a wireless gadget. If you don’t, the whole idea may be a bit mystifying. In this four-part training, we’ll talk about how wireless works, we’ll show you how to use the system tray and the control panel, and […]